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How Sign Language Can Really Help Your Toddler


Sign Generator American Sign Language Support for Reading CD ROM by IDR

alternate doorbell for the hearing impaired

Type and instantly have ASL images appear above your words. If there are more than one sign for a single English word, the software will give you choices.

You can save and print your creations, and view and retrieve drafts. Use the Dictionary to find and print individual words from the Sign Generator.; Customize Flashcards using any of the over 5,000 signs in the database.

How Sign Language Can Really Help Your Toddler



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Author:Ronald Kennedy

Ron attended the Art institute of Chicago in 1980 and Harold Washington College in 1997. He graduated from Malcolm X College in May, 2000 majoring in 'Hearing Loss in America' and 'Children with Hearing Disabilities Around the World' (Ron has another interesting website, https://lovefolks.com regarding Love, Dating & Relationship). A Graduate of Malcolm X College in 2000 with an associate's degree in applied science, Ron also worked with the 'Chicago Area Autopsy Service' which is affiliated with the Medical Examiners Office, near downtown Chicago. The service covered all the local and suburban hospitals when reports of a death is called in.