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Preventive Care Is What’s Important


How Airborne Allergies Can Be Dealt With

Reducing the level of airborne allergens in the home can be an important part of preventing recurrent earaches, especially (but not only) in children who have known airborne allergies.

Boy being tested for mild hearing loss in left ear due to allergies.

Although airborne allergens exist throughout the year, studies have shown a dramatic increase in patients who suffer from allergy-related hearing loss and tinnitus in springtime.

This may lead you to wonder: Do allergies cause hearing loss or tinnitus? Yes, in fact, allergies can impact hearing.

Remember that your children’s health is the most important thing on earth! You want to do everything within your power to keep your home’s environment as one of the most healthiest and safest place.

To combat this problem regarding airborne allergies, which could also affect your child’s hearing, here are some considerations that may be helpful:

Negative Ion Generator for Allergies, Smoke, Mold, Dust, Odor, Germs, Pets, Smokers. (Great For Child’s Room)

This device removes allergens and microbes from the air. These can go a long way toward purifying the stale and polluted air in a home and child’s room.

About the product:

The 5-in-1 Air Purifier from Pro Breeze is perfect for allergy sufferers, those with a sensitivity to airborne particles and for general air cleanliness at home. It has a five-stage purification system which features a Pre Filter, True HEPA filter, Cold Catalyst and Activated Carbon Filter and is able to capture 99.97% of dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. With a CADR of 218, its performance is considerably higher than other air purifiers on the market, ensuring your air is as clean as it can be. With 3 different speeds, it is suitable for small, medium and large rooms up to 500 sq ft (45 sqm).


Household Dampness:

Damp areas should be eliminated and the sources identified. Mold and mildew are often imperceptible either by sight or smell, but can aggravate persistent middle ear problems in sensitive children.

The bathroom, basement, and kitchen are the most likely areas.

Amzdeal Dehumidifier for 323 Sq Ft Home Basement Bedroom Small Dehumidifier with 50 oz Water Tank Auto Off to Remove Damp and Mold. Perfect for your precious baby’s room.

With ultra-quiet peltier technology, noise is lower than 30 dB, it is perfect for use in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage, basement, caravan, wardrobe, boat or anywhere else prone to damp air.

When the water tank is full, there is no worry that the water overflows. It automatically stops once the tank becomes full. The removable water tank/water-collection reservoir is easy to take out and insert.

Dual outlet channel design: There are two vents and built in activated charcoal to exhale fresh air and inhale harmful items such as pollen, bacterial, peculiar, harmful gas, etc.

About the product:

  • Perfect Dehumidifier for You: Removes up to 23.7 ounces of moisture from the air every 24 hours for with 50 ounces water tank. Fit for rooms that’s around 215-323 square feet.
  • 100% Safe: The dehumidifier is CE and FCC certified, low energy consumption, updated fan and the heat exchanger. Once the water tank is full the LED indicator will turn on and the Dehumidifier will automatically shut down. 
  • Comfortable and Lightweight : Portable Dehumidifier eliminates odor, bacteria, fungus, prevent mould and mildew, reduces the risk and prevent skin problems and provides a quiet and comfortable environment.
  • Ultra-quiet Peltier Technology: Thermo-Electric Cooling (No compressor needed), noise is lower than 30 dB, so you can get more restful sleep.
  • A Must-have Dehumidifier: This dehumidifier is compact, lightweight and uses no chemical substance to absorb moisture making it an environmentally friendly item and the perfect item to keep in a bathroom, storage room, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe or any similar environment.

Volatile Indoor Air Pollutants:

Volatile organic vapors can cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract and middle ear. The items that contribute to this should be identified and removed from the home.

These include waxes, polishes, varnish, paint, cleaning solutions, old newsprint, and much more.

Vacuum Cleaners and Carpeting:

Dr. Edward Kenny, of the York Research Laboratory, claims that rugs and carpets test about 20 times dirtier than the average city sidewalk.

The carpet is where infants and toddlers spend most of their time, so ensuring a clean play area is crucial.

Typical “bag filter” vacuum cleaners are notorious for moving more dust around the house than almost any other source. They are also a harbor for house mites, bacteria, and antigens.

To solve this problem, many allergists strongly recommend a vacuum such as this that has:

  • ANTI-ALLERGEN COMPLETE SEAL TECHNOLOGY THAT TRAPS 99.9% OF DUST AND ALLERGENS: HEPA filters are the best way to remove dust and allergens. However, if your HEPA vacuum is poorly sealed then dust and allergens may be escaping the unit before it hits the filter. The Rotator Professional XL uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® + HEPA to trap 99.9% of dust and allergens.

Product description:

With an extra-large dust cup, a suite of attachments, and a tight anti-allergen seal the Shark Rotator Professional XL gives you superior cleaning power. The Shark Rotator Professional XL Vacuum is upright that Never Loses Suction. It has extra-long reach and Enhanced Swivel Steering for excellent control when maneuvering around furniture. It also has a completely sealed system with a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum. The Brushroll Shutoff allows for versatile cleaning on any type of surface, with any type of debris.


Never Loses Suction Technology
Powerful cleaning from start to finish
Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology® + a HEPA filter
Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
Enhanced swivel steering with LED headlights
Excellent control for maneuvering around furniture
 Brush roll shutoff
 Deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning
 Ultra-quiet operation: the convenience to clean anywhere, anytime
 Premium pet power brush
 5.5″ crevice tool
 16″ crevice tool
 Dusting brush
 30′ cord length
 12′ hose length
 Washable HEPA + foam filters
 9.25″ cleaning path
 18 lb.filters
We love this vacuum as it features Easy maneuverability, “Never Loses Suction” technology, a suite of attachments, and an extra-large dust cup.

Can you say “spotless?”

Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger:

These units function to bring fresh air into the home during the winter with only minimal heat loss. By continuously removing stale air and bringing in fresh, the number of airborne irritants is reduced.

Air Travel:

While not a significant contributor to otitis media, flying in an airplane can result in considerable distress for many children. Because of the rapid change in pressure, the eustachian tube sometimes does not open properly.

To prevent problems with air travel, an infant should be nursed, given a pacifier, or given a bottle upon take-off and landing. Older children can be given a beverage to sip or gum to chew.


The evidence linking smoking and children otitis media is indisputable. Cigarette smoke is among the most significant respiratory irritants found indoors.

It’s ability to cause otitis media in children is well documented. The solution for parents who smoke is to either quit smoking or smoke outside the home.

If you choose to continue smoking in the presence of your child, first consider the adverse effects of repeated antibiotics (to which your child will likely be subjected).

Also, consider that the alternative methods that I mentioned earlier, may be significantly less effective if you continue to smoke.



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34 comments on “How To Prevent Airborne Allergies In Your Child | What All Parents Should Know.”

  • Airborne allergies are a definite problem in many areas of the world and in my case directly within my grandchildren. They live in Germany and are very sensitive to airborne microbes and dust, pollen, and etc. We use a negative ion generator in the bedrooms and in the common areas as well throughout the house.

    There are so many health issues that can arise from these pollutants and the kids have had earaches, breathing problems, and other allergic reactions. At certain times of the year (Spring and Fall) the problem gets worse. Mold and mildew also play a part in this, as these are often damp times of the year.

    Your article definitely offers some good solutions with the equipment you highlight, and as a personal testimonial, I would like to say that investing in one of these machines will help immensely. Money should not be a consideration either. Rather look at the specs and the user reviews.

    Thanks for highlighting an important health issue and offering some solid solutions! Kids are gonna love you for this (as are parents and grandparents like me).

    • Thank you Dave. I’m so happy that I could provide useful and helpful information to the public. It’s almost a ‘No-brainer’ for parents, who care about their children’s health, to purchase a good humidifier; preferably a negative Ion generator type like yourself. I agree, as you stated, that the allergy problem is worst in other countries and depending on the time of year, it can be very hard on the child.

  • Allergies are so common amongst  Children and it is important for parents to know how to prevent these airborne allergies. Your post is very informative. It is true humidifiers can be very useful when trying to keep the air clean.We have to make sure that our homes are safe for our little ones. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Jimiro, I want to thank you for stopping by. Airborne allergies are ‘silent killers’ in regards to the immune system that works to keep us healthy. Young children are the most susceptible to these airborne allergies. Being in the presence of a good humidifier in the home, will decrease chances of any damaging particles entering their body. 

  • Hey Ronald,

    Another great post from you.

    I know your post is mainly directed at children, which is great, but would I be right in assuming that many of the tips you talk about would apply in adults as well?

    My wife wakes up everyday with sneezing fits for the 1st 10 minutes of the day, and I am convinced it is the aircon system that creates this for her.

    Would that be possible?


    PS. I love your hat and smiling face. Make you look very approachable!

    • Hi Tim. Welcome back! Thanks for the compliment. (yes, I do look rather jazzy,don’t I)? LOL. Although most of my advice I give targets children, It can apply to adults as well. That issue regarding your wife, touches home. My daughter and I went through the same problem, non-stop sneezing. I purchased the ‘5-in-one Pro Breeze Humidifier’  https://tinyurl.com/yc5ph27n  This device removed all the germs and airborne bacteria which was causing all our problems. Tim, this will help your wife as well.

  • It’s terribly sad to find out that certain airborne allergies can be behind hearing loss or tinnitus in children – I didn’t realise this sort of thing could get so serious! 

    You’ve covered quite a few common concerns from a regular home here, damp, dust etc etc. Which do you think is the most common and regular factor…yet probably the easiest to combat once people have the knowledge?

    Very interesting article.


    • Yes Chris, airborne allergies can become a serious issue in relation to causing hearing issues among children. To answer your question, pets, mold, dust and mildew are most common problem issues in the home and office. When the area is carpeted, this is a ‘breeding ground’ for most germs and bacteria. Normal cleaning won’t do. This can easily be rectified with the proper equipment design just for that purpose. My website carries some products that’s very helpful.

  • Hi Kennedy, this is a great information! It is so true to provide safe environment to our precious one! My 9 months old had a cold last month and we bought a humidifier for her to help her breathing. After reading your article, I think I should get a dehumidifier? I wasn’t sure. I’m glad we didn’t have carpet at home, that can reduce the allergy!

    • Hi Emily. These airborne germs and bacteria create allergies in many homes, and most folks don’t know the origin of the problem. Like you stated, your child’s health is the most important thing on earth. Keeping them healthy by providing clean air is ‘key.’ The only way to solve that problem is through specialize equipment, such as a Negative Ion Generator, which I offer on my site. 

      People with carpet stands at a high risk of having bacteria and germs trapped in the carpet, which over time will affect the families health. Regardless on much you try and clean carpet, it will never be safe enough.

  • Hello Kennedy,

    Thank you for the post because it gave me new knowledge about allergies. I didn’t know that airborne can cause allergie before reading this post. My neighbour has a baby who always suffers from allergie even being at his room and his mother didn’t know the cause. Air-Cleaners and Dehumidifiers will be the answer to that family.

    Thank you

    • I’ve heard this many times before about how families constantly suffer with allergies and not knowing where they’re coming from. Regardless of how often they clean their homes, the family keeps getting ill. These airborne germs are hard to get rid of without the proper equipment. Past this article on to your neighbor and tell her to go to this link and read about the Pro-Breeze 5 -in-one Air Purifier with HEPA filter. This should eliminate all the problems and her family will start enjoying clean healthy air. (also great for kids room) https://tinyurl.com/yc5ph27n

  • I think I came across your page just at the right time. We live in a very humid climate so the dehumidifier is something I’ll have to have a closer look at. On top of that we have cats in the house and lots of trees outside, all sources for allergies. So maybe we should get the purifier. Or is there a product that can do both? That would be perfect. 

    • Thank you Petra for checking in with me. You are a very smart person to be concerned about your family’s health and the environment in which they live. Dangerous air borne germs are everywhere. Without the proper equipment, it’ll be very difficult to combat the problem.

      So what I would recommend is the Probreeze 5-in-1 Air purifier w/HEPA filter. https://tinyurl.com/yc5ph27n This should eliminate both the germs from your trees and the cats in your home. This purifier is a Negative Ion Generator designed to eliminate issues from smoke, mold, dust, odor, germs/allergies (coming in from your trees), and pets. (Also, great for kids room.) Get the best results for the money. Your best inexpensive buy. Check it out: https://tinyurl.com/yc5ph27n

  • Hello Ronald, Thank you so much for the great suggestions.  Airborne microbials have always been a concern for me. Not only for my own children, but as a landlord, I want to help protect my tenants health as well.

    I try to have the air ducts cleaned on a regular basis and always use high grade filters in the HVAC. I was very interested in the vacuum section of your article and firmly believe that carpet and furniture are major contributors for hidden bacteria.

    In addition to vacuuming would you recommend regular carpet cleaning as a method of combating airborne nasties in the home?

    • Hi Glenn. It seems those pesky airborne bacterias that linger in the air just won’t go away, unless you use ‘special cleaning equipment’ specializing in combating that problem. (Like the ones listed in my article.) Many folks & their families struggle through sickness for weeks not knowing why; not realizing the culprit is right their at home or at the office. To answer your question, regular carpet cleaning would not eliminate all the germs and bacteria (regardless of how often it’s done). Only specialized equipment as I mentioned, will take care of the problem.

  • Hi RJkennedy; You know that I am one of those persons who suffer significantly from Allergy and I never consider that sometimes the Allergy could be caused by some airborne elements?

    I kept searching the house and outdoor, and many times I do not identify anything causing allergy.

    Now that I have read your post I will discuss the possibility with my Family Doctor to see how we together can identify some airborne conductors.

    • Good idea Dorcas. In regards to connecting with your family physician, many of your unanswered questions can be taken care of. Some people are probably going through what you’re going through; having chronic allergies and not knowing the cause of its origin. This is why the specialized products I offer will hopefully make some family health situation much better. 

  • Hi Kennedy,

    Yeah, child’s care is probably the best point to focus on, because stuff like bacteria and other factors are not as favorable to their health. And good caring doesn’t have to be too hard really. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, then you will kinda automatically put out better interest on your kids than allowing them to suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus.

    thanks for your informative post!

    • In today’s society, as parents, we can never be too careful when it comes to our children’s health. Sometimes we can be over-protective. Are families health is our major concern. This is why I researched the best air purifier for the home. These products will eliminate harmful bacteria that has the potential of damaging our children’s hearing health. Thank you for checking in my friend.

  • Air pollution is such a prevalent problem.

    It’s good to know there is a remedy at least indoors for children and adults with your recommended Air Purifier.

    The Shark Rotator Professional XL looks like a real good candidate for my next vacuum cleaner. I like the Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology and the ultra-quiet operation.

    It’s good to know that your preventive care ideas can really help guard my child (and me) from allergens and protect them from developing ear problems.

    Thank you

    • Yes Alexander my friend. It becomes a real issue knowing the air we breath can make us and our children unhealthy. With all the crap and other dangerous micro-particles blowing around in the air today, it’s a wonder we are all still around today. This is why I reserched to provide the best products I could offer that’s beneficial to your families health. Family is always what matters the most.

  • Hello there.

    I enjoyed reading your post.

    Since I had alergies as a child I know how hard it can be for a child to deal with all this.

    As you mentioned all the places where there might be some kind of mold (kitchen, basment, bathroom) are usually the starters of the problems.

    I personally had the trouble with the mold from the bathroom and i was allergic to dust when I was kid.

    Air-Cleaners and dehumdifiers helped me during my childhood.

    • Hi my friend. There are many homes aound the globe, that’s filled with hidden bacteria. Children within the family develope allergies from this bacteria and mold, and most parents don’t have a clue as to why their child is sick. It takes special cleaners, for the carpet, air and humidifiers to rid the home of this problem and create a more liveable atmosphere.

  • My daughter is now an adult, so I haven’t thought about these issues for a long time. I think that you have good information and product on this page.

    One thing I would add is to open the windows and get lots of fresh air in the house. I don’t live in America, but when I was there, the houses are often sealed up tightly in both winter and summer. Surely that is unhealthy.

    Another thing that I would encourage is to let your kids, get dirty, even let them play in the dirt. I think that there are healthy elements in the earth that can aid kid’s disease/allergy resistance.

    • It’s interesting Peter, that you mentioned healthy elements in dirt. Years ago, I thought I read something on this. I don’t think it has ever been any concret evidence this is effective, but maybe it is a good thing. Anything’s worth trying to keep our children healthy. As far as opening windows, you increase the chance of all other airborne allergens blowing into your home, causing more problems.

  • This is vital information in dealing with airborne allergies. My four year old has been struggling with allergies in the morning and been to doctors to no avail. The cold season made it worse for her. I will try one of the products you mention. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Emmy, Children can pickup all types of allergies at any given time. Caring parents do try protecting their familes as best as they could. Not realizing that a dirty carpet that’s cleaned with a normal vacuum cleaner will not rid the area of deep-embedded bacteria, which is harmful to the families health. With the right product, as I’ve listed, this can easily be accomplished in a healthy way.

  • Kids are so important to the future and making sure they are brought up in a safe, clean and hygienic environment is so important. It seems more and more children are developing these different types of allergies, I really wonder why? Is it because of technology or the fact that we are protecting our kids too much these days!
    These products you have reviewed look like they would really help with allergies in the air, who knows what is lurking in the air we breath.

    • Yes Kris, hidden bacteria and different types of germs in the air can be a killer in any family. It’s so important, as you stated to live in a clean and germ-free environment. Children now-a-day, seem too be getting sick due too the lack of non-caring parents, sending their sick children out among the healthier ones. Maybe they don’t know what their child is carrying. 

      The typical age for diagnosis is around 4 to 6 years old. Symptoms—including sneezing; stuffy or runny nose; cough and scratchy throat due to postnasal drip; puffy, watery, itchy eyes, mouth, or skin.

  • This was recently brought to my attention how important it is to replace the carpets in my home to prevent airborne allergies. I thankfully do have a bagless vacuum, but even though it’s vacuumed daily, there’s still YEARS of digusting junk hidden underneath that I now know highly contributes to airborne allergies! I hadn’t known the importance of replacing a carpet routinely. I figured if it was clean on the surface, it was fine, but I just realized, NO WAY, it just collects so much gross bacteria, and all the germs and everything that are brought in from the bottom of our shoes from the outdoors. Yuck, now I understand why some people leave their shoes at the door. I’ll be taking some of these measures as you’ve offered in this article to prevent airborne allergies, because it’s something that is soo relevant in my home!

    • Smart lady you are to realize a carpet, regardless of how much it’s been cleaned, can still carry tons of germs that  causes serious health issues to your family. Bacteria found embedded so deep in most cartpeting you’d think it’ll take a miracle to restore clean air to your home. This is why through research, I listed the most effective and safest devices for the home. Hopefully, this will help many families.

  • Wow, that quote from the York Research Laboratory about carpets being 20 times dirtier than a city sidewalk is rather disgusting! Who would have thought that? I’ve had experiences with people trying to sell me extremely expensive bagged vacuums that are supposedly better than the rest, but I’ve never heard of a water vacuum. Do you have any links or more info on those?

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for checking in. Here’s more info on these machines and why they are important for families to have. Water filtration vacuums use ‘water’ rather than filters or bags. … They are multi-use vacuum cleaners that can help children & adults with allergies because they can eliminate allergens and bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that may be lingering in the home.

      Does your child have sinus or allergies? How can you reduce some of your sinus and allergies at home for yourself or your child? We all know the job of a vacuum cleaner. With today’s modern advancements, most vacuum cleaners are now enhanced with water filter technology. 

      Ryan, Air filters in vacuum cleaners also makes a huge difference. Air filters can help to reduce the levels of allergens. For example, electrostatic and high-efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) filters can effectively remove many allergens from the air. Ryan, if interested, here’s an inexpensive Pure Air-Water filtration system by Kalorik which I recommend. Here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/yad35ezo

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