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Earache Home Remedy Help Babies | Child In Pain
Child suffering from painful otitis media

Middle Ear Problems Accounts For

Roughly One-Third Of All Pediatric


Earaches Among Babies Are No Laughing



For many children, earaches began in infancy. By the age of three, over two-thirds of all children have had one or more episodes of acute otitis media, including 33 percent who have had three or more episodes.

Nearly all children affected continue to have problems until the age of six or seven. Otitis media does not become rare until after age 10, and persists in some children beyond 15 years of age.

Boys appear to be affected more often than girls in the younger age groups, while the trend reverses in older children.

In spite of vast increases in the pediatric use of antibiotics, the incidence of otitis media has risen sharply! But before we continue and touch on remedies and preventive measures, let me first explain what Otitis media is.

Otitis media refers to inflammation of the middle ear. When infection occurs, the condition is called “acute otitis media.” Acute otitis media Earache Home Remedy Help Babies | How The Ear Worksoccurs when a cold, allergy, or upper respiratory infection, and the presence of bacteria or viruses lead to the accumulation of pus and mucus behind the eardrum, blocking the Eustachian tube. This causes earache and swelling.

In regards to children under two affected with this disease, the rate has increased 224 percent. This substantial increase in otitis media has been attributed to everything from increased doctor awareness to improved diagnostic abilities.

There are even those who contend that the incidence of otitis media has increased, in part, because of the widespread use of antibiotic drugs. Parents must also keep in mind that some antibiotics, not all, can cause permanent hearing loss.

To a degree, any of the above explanations may have merit. However, there are additional factors that have emerged during the past several decades that increase a child’s susceptibility to illness such as otitis media.



Introduction Of Solid Foods:

When beginning to introduce solid foods into a baby’s diet, it is important that only one food at a time be added. This way, if your child is sensitive to that food, you can identify it and avoid feeding it.

Once your child’s digestive tract has matured somewhat, you may wish to introduce the food again. The first solids your baby eats should Not  be from among the most common offenders. These include:

  • Dairy products
  • Wheat
  • Eggs
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Peanuts and other nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Sugar
  • Yeast

Fruit Juice:

Most children consume far too much fruit juice. A glass of juice is almost purely simple carbohydrates – in other words, SUGAR. Excess sugar leads to deficiencies in immune function, such as described above.

If you must give fruit juice, dilute it with water, and don’t give it cold right out of the refrigerator. Most parents go to great lengths to make sure their baby’s formula is warm, but think nothing of feeding a bottle of cold juice from the refrigerator. Cold juice can slow digestion in a child of any age.


Often, parents feel they are doing their child a service by feeding honey instead of sugar. This is a mistake if large quantities of honey are given, since honey contains the same sugar found in table sugar.

There is an interesting phenomenon surrounding honey. When beekeeper’s want to claim the hive, they mix a solution of sugar water and spray the bees. A solution of water and raw honey also has a calming effect on the bees.

However, when pasteurized honey is used, all bees exposed will be found dead within 20 minutes.

It is unclear why this occurs, but it seems to suggest that raw honey may be a better dietary choice for humans than pasteurized honey. Almost all honey you find in the grocery stores is pasteurized.

You have to look specifically for raw honey. A good place to start is a local food co-op or health food store.


A recent study showed that consumption of refined sugar was associated with low intakes of vitamin E. Recall that vitamin E is important in immune function and for regulating inflammation.

It is also low in the diets of children living in industrialized nations.

Studies has shown that when sugar is ingested, the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria can fall by as much as 60 percent. Excessive sugar inhibits fatty acid metabolism because it is high in calories but lacks the nutrients needed to make the enzymes work properly.

I suggest you read the labels carefully. Any time sugar appears among the top five or six ingredients, don’t buy the product.

Variety Of Foods:

Avoid feeding the same foods every day. Food sensitivity can be induced by over consuming a given food every day for a long period.

The solution is to rotate foods. Instead of feeding oatmeal every morning for breakfast, feed oatmeal one day, wheat cereal the next, fruit the next, and so on. With infants, rice is preferable to wheat.

If your child has known food allergies, don’t feed those foods more than once or twice a week. When you do feed them, give only small amounts.

Cooked Food:

Avoid feeding raw food to your infant. Fruits need not be cooked, but vegetables and other foods should be. Raw foods are more difficult to digest. They’re also more apt to contribute to allergy.

Also, cold food should not be fed to a child. When food is eaten cold the body must first warm it to almost 100 degrees before it can be properly utilized.

For an infant or child whose digestive system is immature, this can spell trouble.

Infant Formula:

If you choose not to breastfeed, you should know a few things about infant formula. Powdered formula mix is higher in oxidized fats than is liquid formula.

As I once stated before, oxidized fats in the diet can set the stage for inflammation and immune function problems. Some infant formulas contain aluminum in concentrations 30 to 100 times greater than that found in human milk.

Aluminum is a toxic metalloid that has been implicated in brain and kidney damage.

For healthy infants this may not be a serious problem since the blood levels of aluminum following ingestion of formula are no higher than that of breastfed infants.

In regards to cow’s milk, if this is your choice, studies have shown it causes allergic reactions in a large percentage of children.

Cow’s milk and most milk-based formulas (except Enfamil) contain insufficient amounts of the amino acid taurine.

If you do choose to feed cow’s milk to your child under age two, use whole milk rather than skim or low-fat milk. Low fat milk has a high protein-to-fat ratio, which is not suitable for infants and toddlers.

Recognize that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that no child under the age one receive whole cow’s milk.

Also recognize that cow’s milk products are found to be the most common provoking foods in children with middle ear problems and have been associated with an increased prevalence of type 1 diabetes in children at risk.

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44 Replies to “Earache Home Remedy Help Babies | Breakthrough Tips For Parent.”

  1. Hello Ronald, it’s nice to be on your website again reading another one of your helpful dose where here you have given some good tips on what to do with our infants who have earache. I think earache is really painful and even for the adults it can be very hurting. Your tips are all very good. I see that one of the causes are what the children eat which should be very well regulated. This is a good post. Thank you for the info.

    1. Thank you Payton for following my work. I appreciate it, and thanks for the compliment. I’m glad my info can help give value to many readers. Many young families don’t know what to do or don’t recognize issues in their child soon enough. Simple remedies can fix most problems regarding their infant’s ears. Please share this post with others.

  2. Hi,This earache home remedy is very helpful for the parents whose infants get restless and cry for unknown reasons. I came across this site to find out about 14-month-old baby’s earache, but I found your site to be far more useful and I got a lot of information which is absolutely help me to be really more careful of family’s well being .it is interesting when you have point out about pasteurized honey.However,needless to say that,now days it is tough to get 100% pure honey in the market. I didn’t know that raw milk would be so harmful to the baby’s health. I truly appreciate for the input effort and time to publish healthy posts. Thanks

    1. Thank you my friend for reading and appreciating my article. Through deep research, I’m glad I’m able to provide my readers, moms and moms to be, with important and valuable information. It’s so important that we pay close attention regarding  evaluating our childrens health and being aware of what we feed them. Please share this post with others. 

  3. Wow, surprisingly I don’t know honey isn’t that good for babies. I have a 13 months old girl currently and because of my wide reading on honey, i asked my wife we should feed her with honey sometimes. I have come to understand the food item she shouldn’t be fed with, but I’ll want to ask, considering her age can she be fed with honey?  If yes, is there any suggestion of honey you’ll recommend for us to get? Hope to get your reply, thanks.

    1. Hi Dean. In regards to your question, MGO 250+ Manuka honey kids syrup is specially formulated for children over 12 months of age (So Dean you’re ok there). Containing premium MGO 250+ Manuka Honey and natural herbal expectorants, to soothe and support a scratchy throat and chest congestion.

      Directions for Use: take 5ml (1 tsp) 1- 4 times daily. It can be taken straight or added to your food.

  4. I was unaware of earache being such a big problem in babies and toddlers.  I knew that the overuse of antibiotics could backfire but I didn’t realize that it could lead to permanent ear loss.

    Wow I didn’t realize that drinking cold juice could slow a child’s digestion.

    You have listed a lot of great info when it comes to feeding your baby.  I didn’t realize that consuming a certain food too much could result in food sensitivity.

    Great info!  I learned something.

    1. Yes my dear friend. There are many things going on involving food and the overuse of antibiotics, that’s critical to the health of a child. Knowledge is king! Just simple research before venturing out to shop for food for the child, will prevent future health problems. The contents should be read on all items to insure proper safety. This valuable information should be read by all mothers and mothers-to-be. Please share this post with others.

  5. Hello Roland, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Personally I have come to understand that most health problems in our kids are caused by we the parents. So many parents are just interested in feeding the child without attention to the content of the food and how its affects the child both negatively or positively. I’m glad you have stated some food which should be avoided. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Chloe for stopping by and commenting. As far as ingredients goes when it comes to feeding our children, u must do your research before even heading out shopping for baby foods. When inside store, yes like you said, reading content labels are important. Certain foods will have different results on children. All kids digestive system ma not be the same. Please share this with others.

  6. Very interesting article you have written and it is very helpful to me as it would guide me on exactly what to do when I finally give birth to my baby. I’m an expecting mom and I have been trying to research all these diagnosis on babies and how best to approach it to ensure their health is put as the priority. In honesty, most people do not know about this information here and I will make sure to share it with the world to get more people sensitized about it. Thanks so much and I’m delighted to read this. Thumbs up!

    1. Thank you Bella for checking in with me. New mom’s always need all the information they can, when it comes to the health of a child. What’s even more importantly, finding cost effective ways to ensure a good, healthy diet in a child. A baby’s healthy growth is important! This information is a must for moms and moms-to-be to have. Please share my post with others.

  7. Oh yes,  this is very accurate what you have here on how to deal with earache. I have to agree that it really is a problem for little kids. Where I used to work as a teacher, we get children that have this problem on a regular at the day care department. At the clinic they are always given drops and some syrup meds but I didn’t know that there are easy ways to help prevent the problem itself. Very nice post here. Thanks for educating me.

    1. John, many parents are always seeking alternative ways to treat their child or children for ear issue. With the high cost of medicine, many parents are taking it on themselves trying to save some money. Depending on the severity of the problem, the first thing to be done is get to a ENT specialist. The doctor will determine the severity of the issue and treat it accordingly. 

  8. Wow! Thanks for giving so much information as to the causes, and the best approaches to remedy the effects of ear ache on babies. Most times, our over love causes greater harms to our babies. By attempting to satisfy their every wants without paying attention to the health effects can really be detrimental to our kid’s health. This post has really done a lit of justice to this topic and I know all moms would found this very helpful and informative. Thanks so much

    1. Thank you my friend for enjoying my informative post. Mothers all over the country has to deal with some type of health issue with a child. The more children, the more health concerns attached. It put parents feelings on high alert regarding rectifying an illness that may or may not be too sever. When in doubt, contact or local ENT professional. Please share this post with others.

  9. This really is priceless information, especially for parents with busy lifestyles and work schedules, there is nothing worse than having a crying child keeping you up all night when you have an early appointment that you can’t miss and I know I’ve been there, thankfully mine have grown up now, but I know many people that still have young children and I will be sharing this post and your website with them, they will learn so much from this, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Russ for commenting and wanting to share my article. With a child suffering with acute Otitis Media, this will keep any concerned parent up at night. I experienced that myself when my children were young. No sleep for working folks! This is valuable information all parents should possess.  

  10. Thank you so much for explaining this issue of middle ear problem that kids usually have. My sister’s son has come up with this problem and because she believes in taking care of issues the natural home way, I am helping her on this research. Your tips are really easy and hygienic ways do deal with the problem. I think with this, the child will not only be able to combat the problem but also live a healthy life. Thanks.

    1. With the high cost of treatment regarding doctor visits and medicine cost, many parents are looking at ‘cost saving,’ yet effective ways to treat middle ear problems. I hope your sister continue doing her research on these methods. If ever in doubt, please contact your ENT professional for advice. Please pass this article along.

  11. Hi Ronald,

    This a very interesting article.  It just goes to show how important it is to give children nutritious food every day.  Sugar is definitely not one of them! And I did not know pasteurised honey is not that health after all…

    I will go out of my way to find raw honey now.  Unpasteurised milk made into kefir is much  easier digested compared to standard full fat milk  from stores.  Try kefir out!  It is great for infants and also elderly.  I have noticed people from Eastern Europe consume a lot of kefir and they are strong and fertile people.  It contains over 30 strains of beneficial bacteria.

    And the casein in the milk is broken down in the fermentation process.

    Thank you for sharing this information…I had never heard of this ear condition until now.

    1. Yes Stella, it’s amazing how the everyday foods we eat can affect our families health, including are children’s overall hearing. Especially in milk products. For example; when it comes to infants, whole cow’s milk is not good for children under one. It’s just so important to remember that ‘we are what we eat.’ As parents, we must check out what’s most nutritious for our families which would sustain better health. 

  12. Great post which contains information on how to cure earache.When I was young I used to have ear pain and my mother was putting some drops from herbs and the pain was over .After giving birth,my son suffered from the same pain but my mother was no longer there to show me those herbs so I went to the doctor and prescribed some antibiotics but I am not sure if giving him those antibiotics  was the best ways to do because in the 2 weeks ago he told me that he has ear pain .What can I do now? Is there any other way to help him without giving him antibiotics? 

    1. In regards to your son’s ear issues, you initially done the right thing by taking him in to see your doctor. But It sounds to me that it could be a more serious issue; like fluid buildup in the middle ear. Take him to see a different ENT specialist to check this out. Eustachian tubes may be needed for draining. This buildup of fluid in the middle ear presses on the eardrum, causing pain. If an infection progresses quickly or is left untreated it can cause the eardrum to rupture. Eustachian tubes in children are smaller and more horizontal, so they can become plugged more easily. This is one reason ear infections occur more often in children and drainage reduces the number of infections.

  13. This is awesome information.  The foods we eat nowadays a full of refined sugars. I would say over 95% of the foods sitting on the grocer’s shelves have added sugar to them.  It is almost impossible to avoid sugar.  We definitely need very attentive to what we eat.  I learned a new fact about honey from your article.  I knew it contained sugar, but wasn’t aware that is same is refined sugar.  I will switch to raw honey from now on.  Thanks for promoting health and wellness.

    1. Yes Pardeap, health and wellness is important in our lives. What we put into our bodies are important factors that we must take into consideration. Too much sugar could be a real killer! There are many forms of sugar in most foods we eat. This is why consumers stand there in the aisles reading the labels of products.  

  14. Great post! My son has had many earaches and I would have loved to read this article when we were trying to cure it at home. I am not a huge fan of antibiotics, but will use them when it is necessary.

    What is your preferred method of curing an earache?

    1. My preferred method, without the use of antibiotics, is Massaging. A gentle massage can help with ear pain that radiates from the jaw or teeth, or that causes a tension headache. People can massage the tender area, as well as any surrounding muscles. For example, if the area behind the ear hurts, try massaging the muscles of the jaw and neck.

      Massage may also help with the pain of an ear infection.

      Using a downward motion, apply pressure beginning just behind the ears and down the neck.Continuing to apply pressure downward, work forward to the front of the ears.

      This type of message may help drain excess fluid from the ears, and prevent the pain from getting worse. I hope this help you and your son, if any more issues arise.

  15. very good advice on caring for the ears, I remember my oldest daughter having constant problems as a baby and when she reached two years old had grommets inserted to help prevent reoccurring infections, she would often be in pain and could not always hear us. The video is very useful now its my grandson who keeps having trouble with his ears will pass this information on to his mum as he still seems to be having problems even though he is now 10 years old, unlike my daughter who seemed to be just fine by the time she reached 6yrs old.

    1. Hi Katie. Glad to hear, as years passed, your daughter made an improvement on her health. Hearing issues affect many children around the globe and must be  dealt with when first noticed. Grommets are not always helpful, leading to other elevated measures. A good ENT specialist can usually sort things out, so never rule out this professional. I’m glad the video helped and now you can pass this info along, hopefully It’ll help your grandson. Thanks for checking in with me. 

  16. I was just googling about ear infection for my 5 months old baby. I was so grateful to find these complete and useful information. I never knew the name of this and never knew how introducing solid food can affect in this way. I learnt a lot from here, thank you!

    1. Hi Emily. Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you found some value in from my site. (Thank God you googled at the right time). I try to provide as much detailed and helpful info I can to help my readers and their families. Children’s diets are so important to a child’s health and growth. As I stated before, once your child’s digestive tract has matured somewhat, you may wish to introduce the food again that bothered him or her before. Thank you for commenting.

  17. What an interesting article never realized food contributes to having ear problems. My problem is an overbuild up of wax which makes me deaf. Your advice on food can be used not only with the ears but with a lot of children’s complaints, what they are allergic to foods like nuts and strawberries. A lot of research and dedication has gone into producing this article, since reading comments, because we take the time to research we can really help other people.

    1. Hello again Pam. Thanks for visiting and your comments. It’s a remarkable thing how certain foods are related to creating hearing issues. In regards to a child’s food consumption, a child could be allergic to any food, but these eight common allergens account for 90% of all reactions in kids: nuts (such as walnuts and cashews)fish.shellfish (such as shrimp)

      Pam, on your personal problem regarding wax buildup, It’s best you contact your family doctor and let him or her flush both ears with just plain water. (I went through this myself several years ago with my right ear.) You’ll hear much better! Let me know how it goes.

      1. Went to the doctors and because I produce was quickly I have to put drops in every week to try to keep the was at bay. Thank you for your advice.

  18. Hi Ronald,
    Wow, sometimes I wonder how I survived childhood. I am of the ride in the back of the pickup generation and I’m pretty sure that my folks broke just about all of the recognized rules and thoughts that we have today. Of course, it was a different age then and now having the resources available, we can and should be able to make better and more informed choices regarding our children, or in my case, grandchildren.
    I was not aware of serving juice at room temperature, always have just taken it from the fridge and given it to the toddlers and older. Your advice and tips are in-line with lot of what my wife does but I like your explanations better than being told “Just because”. Thanks for providing me with the knowledge to make some better choices regarding all of my grandkids.

    1. You’re welcome. And yes, Sanders, as you mentioned things ‘back in the day’ are much more advanced. technology today is so advanced now and it’s great having more resources available at our ‘fingertips.’ (I also have grandchildren and seen many changes regarding health related issues). Making the right choices in life to better our children and grandchildren’s health is what’s important.

  19. This is the most complete discussion of ear infections in children that I have read.

    I never realized that so many different foods could cause the onset of earaches. I was further surprised to find out that cold foods, especially vegetables, could also be a contributing factor.

    When I saw that boys are more prone to earaches than girls at an early age, I thought that, maybe, it was due to the fact that boys tend to get dirtier than girls. But, when you said that the trend changes in later childhood, I think my theory was destroyed!


    Thank you for presenting this information. I have to tell my daughter to read this article because my 6 year old grandson has had chronic ear problems since he was an infant!


    1. Thank you Marty for checking in. I appreciate it. When I write, I try to research and uncover all the information I can. This is a serious subject that affects many families. Hopefully, my article will clear up a lot of unanswered questions many folks may have,

      When you mentioned about the boy and girl theory, most folks would have thought the same thing regarding boys. (They’re tough rascals! Always rolling around, getting dirty). But as i mentioned, that’s not the case!

      Please pass this information on to your daughter. Hopefully, she will find value in this article and then share it with others whom she feel it may help. Thanks for commenting.

  20. What an interesting read this article was. You have obviously done a lot of research into this. I really like how you broke down the article and explained what causes the middle ear infection. I found the youtube video a helpful addition as the diagrams really helped me to see how the infection affects the ear. I liked your advice about spacing out the introduction of new foods when weaning. I also like the face that you listed foods and types of food to avoid early on in infancy. Thank you for some great information.

    1. Hello my friend, how are you? I’m really happy that you enjoyed my article. When I write, I try to break down everything as simple and understanding as I could. Deep research births great articles! Middle ear infection deserves a lot of attention because it affects so many families around the globe.

      Hopefully, my article will now enlighten readers on this issue, and make them even more attentive to their child’s health. I hope you shared this with your social media followers. Thanks again my friend, for stopping by.

  21. Hi there, I am so glad I “bumped” in your website!
    I have had my “battle” with acute otitis with 2 of my 3 children and could not understand why my 13 y.o. daughter still complains about earaches!
    Understanding this is great relief.
    You have a great website – the article about cure for ringing in the ears – came just in time for me – been having this condition for several months now, waiting for it to “go away” naturally – I did not think to look for a cure!
    Thanks for this!
    Cheers – Orion

    1. Hi Orion, thank you for stopping by, or should I say “thank you bumping into my site.” lol. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. I’m sorry to hear about your battle with otitis. That can be a rough and painful situation for anyone to deal with. Some people have this serious middle ear inflammation, but not really know its true extent, until a visit to their health care provider.

      A child with OME may have no symptoms, but a doctor will be able to see the fluid behind the eardrum with a special instrument. Chronic otitis media with effusion (COME) happens when fluid remains in the middle ear for a long time or returns over and over again, even though there is no infection. This, I believe, is what your 13 yr. old was experiencing. 

      Orion, if you are still experiencing ringing in the ear, please go to the link below. This will help you out a great deal.

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