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Doorbell For Hearing Impaired – Amazing Features Displayed

The Hearing Impaired Will Never Miss A Visitor When Doorbell Ring!


“Hey! Someone’s at the door…”

It was a year ago in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois that I spoke with my neighbor Russell. You see, Russell had been married for two years to his wife Teresa. They have three boys, Russell Jr, Bobby and Mark.

It’s strange that Russell Jr. was the only child born completely deaf. Russell had mentioned to me that his oldest Russell Jr. inherited his inability to hear from his hearing impaired mother Teresa.

His two brothers have no symptoms of a hearing deficiency, but over the years were always checked. Audiologist testing so far, resulted in negative findings among brothers Bobby and Mark. Russell thought through testing, they’d find something as simple as tinnitus, which is temporary. But that wasn’t even discovered. So all is good!

He told me how it sometimes get stressful dealing with their disabilities on a daily basis. It was stressful enough he had to learn sign, but how he also had to make other adjustments around the house. One thing he looked into was a doorbell for the hearing impaired.

Russell thought, “This is the greatest thing since sliced bread!” “What a remarkable product” he said! Now when his wife and son are in the house alone and the doorbell rings, they’ll know someone’s at the door because of the flashing light displayed. Here’s what Russell is so excited about:

Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell Kit- 1000′ Range Plug In Doorbell Ideal As Hearing Impaired Doorbell & Deaf Doorbell – Available 95dB Volume Setting & Attention Grabbing Flashing Doorbell Strobe

🔔LONG RANGE LOUD WIRELESS DOORBELL FOR LARGE, NOISY OR HEARING IMPAIRED AREAS: 1000′ long range wireless door chime signal will traverse multiple floors through reinforced concrete, brick, stone, stucco and all types of wood where other wireless doorbells simply cannot penetrate.

  • 🔔PRE-PROGRAMMED PLUG & PLAY REMOTE DOORBELL WIRELESS SYSTEM: This doorbell kit is ready to go by simply installing the included CR2032 battery into the wireless doorbell long range push button and finding a preferred outlet for the wireless doorbell plug in receiver.
  • 🔔DIGITAL DOORBELL UTILIZING LATEST WIRELESS DOOR BELL TECHNOLOGY: The LRA-D1000S long range doorbell has rolling code technology operating on frequencies that will not interfere with other devices. There are 18 crisp and clear musical tunes that are easily paired to the transmitter.
  • 🔔SIMPLISTIC YET EFFECTIVE DOORBELL FOR HEARING IMPAIRED & DOORBELL FOR DEAF: If you are hard of hearing or completely deaf, have perfectly good hearing, in a house or place of business with all of these hearing types, this unit has easy settings to suit your needs – silent doorbell mode will flash only with no sound or you can have sound only or sound and flash.
  • 🔔EXPANDABLE LOUD WIRELESS DOORBELL THAT COVERS ALL AREAS: Add on additional door chime receivers (plug in strobe model LRA-DCRXS, battery operated mobile strobe model LRA-DCRX or small personal vibrating model LRA-VPRX) and/or an additional battery doorbell wireless push buttons (white finish LRA-PBTXA or black finish LRA-PBTX) for a back or side door.

Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2020

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*The video below is a demonstrated example of how wireless doorbells work for the hearing and non-hearing (aided with flashing light). Easy installation. 


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  • For me I would give this one a 4.5/5.0 rating as I have seen it in action and I must tell you it’s very good thanks slot for shareing this awesome article with the public as i know it would help them as it has helped me.but I would advise anyone can use it .

    • Hi Feji, Thanks for checking in. I accept your rating! lol. That tells me the product must be good. This is something great for non-hearing family members. More items should be created to aid the deaf community and in our schools. Please share my post with your social media downline.

  • Wow. You really got me with this article. I just opened a mini-market and even such a product would help me. Because the door is a little further from the brand house, a doorbell is very useful. For me this is the first time I find an electric doorbell and this is the biggest advantage. I can’t believe the price is only $ 38.99 and I’m thinking of buying more products like Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article and explanation given. I wish you all the best! 

    • Thank you my friend for commenting. I try to present articles which could prove useful to others and their families. The hard of hearing could use a helping item that allows them great benefits. It seems there’s a person in someone’s household that could benefit from a fantastic product such as this, when home alone, Please share this article with others.  

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