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Ringing in the ears is an annoying problem

Any ear issue can be solved with proper treatment


I remember for the longest time, my stepdad had problems with his hearing and a weird feeling in his ears.  He complained often about this funny whooshing, ringing in his ear. He said it was a very annoying feeling. (At the beginning, we didn’t know what the hell was going on! Never thought about Tinnitus) We knew this ringing of the ears issue wasringing in the ears no laughing matter, but still due to ignorance on me and my brother’s behalf, we made light jokes on my dad’s inability to hear.

I think we should have known better because we had classmates who had difficulty hearing. Of course we never knew if our classmates really had a hearing problem or were they intentionally trying to ignore the teacher. Also, back in the day, there was no social media going on. No such thing as Facebook, Instant Messenger or Twitter to discuss problems you may have to others. Boy! Have we all got it made today.

Having Early Issues


Anyway, a while back when our dad’s ear issues begin, it first started with buzzing, ringing and howling in his ear. It was getting worse and worse and continue to linger for a longer period of time.

So after a long overdue ENT ( Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist appointment, the doctor was able to evaluate him and give him a complete examination.ringing in the ears

It was revealed dad was suffering from what’s commonly known as Tinnitus or Vertigo. The specialist told my family that 50-60 million Americans suffer from this ‘ringing in the ears.’

Today, some ENT specialist whose close with their patients, recommend handy things that could help families who’s dealing with hearing impaired family members or other relatives. They advise these families of individuals suffering from a serious case of complete hearing loss, should have a special doorbell installed at home. This ensures that no one is left hanging around on the doorsteps ringing the buzzard, and not getting an answer, if the non-hearing person is left at home alone. This seem to be a very clever idea!

In regards to dad, It was also explained to us that his hearing loss and dizziness may occur if the Tinnitus is due to Meniere’s disease. Here are some more interesting questions tinnitus sufferers should be asking themselves regarding their condition.

What’s currently done during private consultations, the family ENT specialist would recommend products he felt would help his patients. This is what’s recommended to all his patients with similar issues as my dad. (It would later show tremendous improvement).

He strongly recommends VertiGONE, saying it’s the best on the market with satisfactory results from many and is very affordable.  Proprietary plant based blend promotes inner ear vestibular balance for natural vertigo relief. DIZZINESS: Targeted formula for symptom relief from spinning or swaying sensations associated with Vertigo. MOTION SICKNESS: Fast acting motion sickness relief from cars, boats, trains, planes the natural way! USA: Bottled and tested in a USA GMP certified facility under the highest regulatory standards. 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t 100% satisfied, send it back for a FULL REFUND.

ringing of the ears

It’s safe for anyone suffering from tinnitus and should be taken as instructed. Our family doctor ensured us, this will give our dad and anyone suffering with Tinnitus the most satisfying results. Guaranteed!

Discovering this product through our physician was ‘Heaven sent’. Our dad was very happy experiencing such a remarkable improvement. Ringing eliminated down to zero! To check latest prices and more reviews, go to Amazon.

ringing in the ears

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92 Replies to “Can Ringing Ears Be Cured | Look Here For Answer.”

  1. Hi Ronald Kennedy  , this is quite an interesting article and thank you for sharing this wonderful information about ringing ear , I happened to know of someone that suffered from hearing loss due noise from loud machines and not using hearing protection while around the machines , you really convinced me with this product and I would love to get it for the person and thank you again for sharing with us this great article.

    1. Hi Jack. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found some value in my site. Many folks everywhere seem to suffer with this annoying issue. Some more than others. (Loud machinery will definitely do it). They seek relief and have been for years. Not sure where to go but other than their doctor. You go to your local drug store and may see other tinnitus products. But how do you know which ones are the best? I took the worry out of that and now share a product that worked for my dad and recommended by our family doctor. You can order through the site, Thank you.

  2. This is a very interesting article about Tinnitus and one that clearly more people are suffering with than they realise. My mother suffered vertigo previously and her ears have never been the same since. I am going to recommend the doorbell change as you have suggested as she never hears it and it is a really “buzzy” one too.  Does this issue affect people more as they get older?

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Imelda, thank you for commenting. Millions of people world wide suffer from this, some worse than others. As far as your mom is concerned, I recommend she try the tinnitus supplements on my site, to help relieve her vertigo. Check out the reviews, also on the doorbell as well! To answer your question, tinnitus or vertigo usually starts at young or middle-age adulthood. Imelda, please share my post with others.

  3. Hello , thanks for sharing this wonderful information about ringing ear.  learning from this post is really amazing. So many health issues may be taken with levity and its sad when you don’t know the true cause  this problem. I Believe since it was recommended by a specialist, it’ll be a safe product. I’ll share this some other platforms so that people can benefit from it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you my friend for wanting to share my post. Many folks take their health for granted. Hearing issues is a serious thing, and when problems arise it should be addressed right away. The longer people suffering with problems regarding their hearing, the worse it could get. A good ENT specialist can determine the extent of the problem. Thank you Lalita for visiting my site.

  4. Hello,Congratulations on writing this post on ringing in the ears, it got my attention because I suffer from hearing loss and everyday I have ringing in my ears.This happened from years of not using hearing protection while in the military. We were often around loud machinery and weapons and at that time there was no real concern. I am passing on your site to him to check out in his free time so he can finally start getting some relief without having to admit to anyone he’s got an issue.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you my friend Deepanshi. Your reply sounds familiar to me. I think you replied to this same article before with the exact same reply, regarding your friend in the military. (unless someone is copy/pasting others comments.) I hope this is Not the case. Anywho, I hope my product can relieve your friend’s hearing issue. Yes, pass this article along. Thanks! 

  5. Hello. I really enjoyed reading this informative article and explanation given.

    My grandfather suffers from ringing ears and I have always wondered if this will be transmitted genetically to me. I know that with the passing of years this problem may appear but I have not found any product to help him until now. You really convinced me with this product and I would like to buy it for my grandfather.
    As a curiosity, when I will be older there are any chance to  have the same problem?

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us this article. Wish you all the best! 

    1. Hello my friend. Obviously your grandfather’s hearing issues regarding tinnitus, resulted from years of abuse. Loud industrial equipment, manufacturing processing plants, loud music; etc. will damage anyones hearing over time. So it’s nothing you can inherit. It’s a lifestyle issue. Just take care of your ears and share this article. 

  6. I saw the title of your article and had to immediately have a look. I have had tinnitus for the past 25 years and the doctors have not been able to do much about it. This happened from years of not using hearing protection while in the military. We were often around loud machinery and weapons and at that time there was no real concern.

    This is the first time I have seen the product “Inner Ear Balance” too. I watched the supporting video and at the end of the day have decided that the supplement that your dad used is one I need to try. You never know, it might work! Thanks and I will let you know how it goes!

    1. Thanks Dave for commenting! Tinnitus is something that’s ‘hard to shake!’ Many folks worldwide suffer from this. Some don’t even know where it comes from or how it happened. But well advised supplements, especially from your physician, could take care of things without any costly expense on your part. Please share my post with others.  

  7. Hey Ronnald,

    My neighbor is an ex military and current police officer.  The other night we were gathered around an awesome campfire and he started telling me that his ears ring all the time.  He is a “tough guy” and so he doesn’t really visit doctors or even admit he needs help.

    I started googling ringing in ears and found out about the official word, tinnitus, and found your article very helpful.  I am passing on your site to him to check out in his free time so he can finally start getting some relief without having to admit to anyone he’s got an issue.

    Thanks again! 

    1. Thank you BMac for sharing my site with your neighbor friend. It seems as though it’s only natural that these big ‘tough guy types’ will never admit that anything is wrong, when it comes down to our health. Putting things off always worsen the situation. Just like our cars. if you let the problem go too long, the car only get worse! 

  8. Hi,

    Congratulations on writing this post on ringing in the ears, it got my attention because I suffer from hearing loss and everyday I have ringing in my ears. I know that it is tinnitus caused by age related hearing loss. Looks like your dad got great relief from using the product mentioned, I will try it myself.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Fintan. Thanks for stopping by. Tinnitus affects millions of folks worldwide. Some folks try diagnosing themselves thinking that they can figure out the problem. The first thing is going to an ENT specialist so they can make a final determination regarding the extent of your problem. Maybe the ‘ringing of the ears’ may be a deeper underlying problem, that mean immediate addressing. 

  9. There will always be people who will follow the standard approach of using some form of man made drugs to treat problems we all will face at sometime. I am in my mid 50s and I stopped using any kind of pharmaceutical drug back when I was in my late 20s once I learned how effective all-natural treatments were in comparison.

    I have never had tinnitus but did suffer from a mild case of vertigo once. Just by changing my diet adding garlic and other spices to it as well as up-regulating my blood levels with vitamin D3, totally got rid of the vertigo. I have no doubt in my mind that the supplement your father’s ENT recommended would work since its ingredients are all natural.

    Nature is a powerhouse of not just nutrition but medicine as well. Hippocrates, known the world over as the Father of Medicine, was known to have said, “Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food.” Man made drugs do not contain all natural ingredients from food and this is why many of them do not work as well as natural supplements.

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for checking in with me. I agree with you on how ‘natural ingredients’ are much more effective than those supplements loaded with man-made manufactured ingredients. I think most supplements stocked on store shelves today, claiming to keep our bodies healthy fall short of their claims. It seems like, now-a-days, you don’t know what product will help you or later down the road disappoint you.

  10. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful information about ringing ear. this is my first time coming across a post that talks about it and learning from this post is really amazing. So many health issues may be taken with levity and its sad when you don’t know the true cause of this problem. Now I know what to use when someone has the problem thanks to you. Can this problem occur at any time or it’s just by aging?

    1. Thank you Benson for checking in with me. Ringing of the ears usually occurs after the age of 50 years, but children and adolescents can experience it at anytime too. Common causes are excessive or cumulative noise exposure, head and neck injuries, and ear infections. This ear issue can occasionally indicate a serious underlying medical condition. Please share this post with others.

  11. This is the first time I’m reading about ringing ears, it’s really good or you to have shared your stepdad’s story in order to make it known to people. I like the  product your ENT specialist recommended, i think it’ll serve as a benefit to other people suffering from this ear problem and I Believe since it was recommended by a specialist, it’ll be a safe product. I’ll share this some other platforms so that people can benefit from it.

    1. Than you my friend Wildecoll for sharing my story with others. Ringing in the ears affect millions of people around the globe. Unless it’s determined by your doctor or an ENT specialist that something more serious is developing, then a simple supplement should be sufficient. (hopefully a good one lie our doctor recommended). Please pass this along to educate others. 

  12. This is a great post and I like this so much. For what is worth, I really fancy a lot of things here. Ringing ears is kind of rampant problem here and I am glad that I can get the solution to it here. A good one from you here. Thumbs up to you for sharing this here. I will order for one of this for my mom first. Thanks

    1. Thank you Bella for checking in with me. I’m happy that you found some value in my post. Ringing in the ears has sorta become a common problem that many people has been dealing with for years. It comes and goes! Most don’t realize that a simple visit to the doctor can diagnose the severity of the problem. I hope the plls help your mom out. Thank you.

  13. Hello Ronald!

    I think that all people can experience Tinnitus sometimes – from my personal experience, there were some short intervals I felt ringing in the ear too, I remember that it happened while I was not moving, but their shortness was kind of under a minute, and they occurred so seldom that I cannot even tell their time frequency.

    So, probably anyone of us may have short, rare flashes of Tinnitus.

    Let’s hope your dad will make a full recovery and never be stressed by Tinnitus again. Not even by flashes :).

    Best regards, Peter

    1. Thanks Peter. It seems no one knows when tinnitus will hit and at what age. (It appears to affect older individuals than younger ones). But treatment and relief is ‘right around the corner’  and always available. Your family doctor can recommend the most cheapest and effective way to combat the problem (unless it’s something more serious). Please share my post.

  14. The ear is very sensitive and if proper care is not taken, ringing ear can cause dangers to the hearing ability of a person and that can prove to be detrimental and all. Thank you so much for sharing here. For a truth, I never would have thought that just a supplement can combat it. Well! This is great to know of here and I will surely bookmark this should in cased a need for it occurs.

    1. Yes, my friend. Many folks take ‘the care of their ears’ and ‘hearing issues’ for granted. Of course, the worse a person’s hearing get, the quicker they should see a ENT professional. If it continue on just a ‘ringing’ or ‘roaring’ level, then online or over-the-counter supplements should be sufficient and a person will feel better after a while. Please share this with others.

  15. For a while now. I have been experiencing ringing in the ear and i can very well tell you that the feeling is not a very good one. This is because it makes it hard a bit to hear. I was already thinking of going to the hospital, but instead of doing that, I feel like the easiest thing to do is to go with this product that you have shared here that helped your dad. Thanks

    1. Henderson, many folks over the years have experienced what you now have. They search to seek relief from that annoying and uncomfortable feeling one gets, regarding ear issues. Our doctor knew times were hard and we couldn’t afford any expensive treatment plans. So what it boils down to is the fact that there are simple, over the counter pills you can take. But it’s even much more better when product is recommended by a physician. Please share this post with others. 

  16. Ignorance sometimes can be a very bad thing, its very detrimental to human health generally and that’s why some people end up complicating what’s meant to be something light. I’ll like to emphasize the need to go for a regular check-up and whenever we feel something unusual, it’s our responsibility to visit a medical practitioner. Ear problem can be so disturbing as other health issues, I’ve not had any instance of it but I know it’ll be bad. It’s nice that you shared the recommendation from the doctor, since it’s in market people can get it. Thanks.

    1. You made a good point by pointing out how folks should get out and check with their doc, when something is not right. We should never take our hearing or lack thereof, for granted. You never know when our ears may start screwing up on us, and soon we’ll start seeking help. Please share my post with others.

  17. Hi Ronald. I know about ringing in the ear but never had idea that the name for this ailment is tinnitus. I have experienced some noise in my ears before as a result of loud noise in my ears. After a while I don’t get the ringing anymore and never again. This is not Tinnitus, right?

    Nice post. I learnt so much from it. And thanks for sharing this product (Inner Ear Balance).

    1. Hi Techie, thanks for visiting my site. To answer your question; what you were experiencing was periodic acute, interruption of pain in your ears. You had no permanent damage and your pain subsided. No, it wasn’t tinnitus, Be careful of the volume when listening to music. Are u in a band?

  18. I think this is a serious issue and many people lost the complete ability to hear because, they never got the right diagnosis. Or they got the wrong medicine, I think it will be wise to get a doctor to give the proper diagnosis and from there you can take the supplement to help you improve your condition,


    1. Thanks my friend for commenting. The ‘ringing in the ear’ issue is something many people suffer with. Regarding my dad’s situation, we were never sure what he had. That type of problem was most common among middle age to older americans. The best proper supplements should bring on relief. Please share this post with others.

  19. Great post and good info. I’ve heard that you can do it with treatment, however, how big is the chance of this coming back in the future? I ask this because my wife and my mother had this problem and guess what. They have it again, so many years later. Thanks for sharing it with us. 

    1. My friend, there is no cure for tinnitus, but there are ways of managing it. Most people with chronic tinnitus adjust to the ringing over time, but 1 in 5 will find it disturbing or debilitating. Most tinnitus is due to damage to the cochlea, or inner ear. Working closely with an ENT specialist is highly recommended.

  20. Firstly, thank you for showing me a solution to Tinnitus!! I suffer from it when I am under a lot of stress so it is periodic. I never knew there were options to treat Tinnitus! I will indeed look for this in the future. Do you know if continued application…even when not suffering…can remove Tinnitus…you know…like a vitamin regime?

    The information of deaf-blind  was also very educational. I can only think how tough this world is for them but as a friend of mine is designing accessibility websites, I hope their world will begin to open up with the use of technology. I would not even know how to assist a deaf-blind person…usually you can help if one sens is lost but two? Where do you begin?? Will you be blogging about what we can do in our communities if we meet  a person like this?

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. Tinnitus is something most folks, around the globe, suffer with. Many don’t even know where the noise in their ear is coming from, or why it’s happening. I’m here to educate them. Pills taken for tinnitus will help relieve pain for the person. If pain and noises in ear persist, an ENT should be contacted for further evaluation.

      In regards to future articles on deaf-blindness, there may be others. But if ever you encounter this situation, you treat the person as you would anyone else with that disability.

  21. hello Ronald

    Thanks for posting. It’s very interesting but fortunately I have no problems with my ears. Instead, I use Gingo Biloba, internally, for the incredible properties that she has. It impressed me with the organization of the support group for deaf artists and your coverage of it

    all the best for you


    1. Carmen, I’m glad you stopped by to read my post. It’s good to hear you’re healthy and have no issues with your hearing health. That’s great!! Many others may not be as lucky as you are. Tinnitus seem to be commonplace among folks everywhere. Thank you again for checking in with me.

  22. Hi Ronald,

    Thanks for this summary, a topic close to my heart as one of my best mates has lived the majority of his life with hearing impairment and tinnitus.

    My mother is also at the stage of life where a hearing aid is required sooner rather than later to allow her to function the way she wants to later in life.

    Providing a natural alternative is very clever and a good option no doubt.

    The information surrounding the deaf artist movement is also good to see and I am sure provides much relief and benefits to 1000s of Americans.

    1. You’re welcome, my friend Shane. Sorry to hear about your mates ear issues, and your mom. I offer some great products on my site that could offer your friend and mom some relief. I wish everyone the best. I hope folks world-wide, will see my site and I could help them all. Thanks for checking in.

  23. I’ve had tinnitus for years.  I target shoot a lot and found out too late that foam earplugs aren’t enough protection.  Now I have ringing ears and lately it is more bothersome.  I had no idea that there were so many positive results for treating ringing ears.  After reading about the clinical trials, I’m impressed.  

    I’m thinking of trying the Arches formula because I have used ginko in the past with no unwanted side effects.  I sure hope I’m in the 85% group that it helps.  I really hope so because I haven’t slept good for the past few years and I never thought it could be my tinnitus.  

    Can’t wait to see if I get relief.  Have you had any luck using either of these for your tinnitus.?

    Thanks and wish me luck.


    1. Hi my friend. Sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering with tinnitus for so long. it seems many people, world-wide, are going through this. To answer your question, I’ve heard from past readers on how that product has helped them before. Give the Arches formula a try and enjoy a good night sleep! Just remember, everyone’s different. Please share my site with others. 

  24. From experience, all my thinking was that ringing ear can’t be cured. I used to have ringing ear but I have not visit my doctor because of that before, because it normally go after some minutes. Maybe, when it persist for many hours or days, I might have had the thought of complaining the issue with my ear. There is this myth that says whenever a ear is ringing, it means someone is talking about that person.. lol 😂.  Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t bother to go to hospital. Seeing a cure medicine here is amazing and will go a long way in helping my colleagues who are having the same issue. Thanks for sharing.

    A blind-deaf fork are very intelligent even more that people that can hear. I have seen many issues like that which made me believe that there is ability in disability.

    1. Thanks Stella for checking in. I agree that there are many myths out there regarding tinnitus. (Yes, I also heard that one about someone is talking about you, if you experience ringing.)lol. It sounds like you’ve taken care of your ear problem.) Lots of folks have been for years, suffering with this. Remember, there’s always help. Please share my post.

  25. The victim of tinnitus hears sounds when there are no external sounds. The sound may be low or high pitched, soft or loud. This article clearly presents alternative medicine that can help victims of this obnoxious malady. While some doctors suggest the holding of both ears at the lower part and shaking them to be helpful, it is a very temporal solution compared to what has the medicine which has been described here of which the relief is long lasting.

    Deaf-blindness is the condition of little or no useful sight and little or no useful hearing. Vision loss or auditory loss differ within each individual. I am happy that people or organisations have come up with learning centres for deaf-blindness victims. Writing blogs like this one enlightens the world that all hope is not lost, but victims can receive good education. Keep sharing such articles to the world to attract many parents to take their children to specialised learning centres. Keep it up, please.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Joseph, regarding me spreading valuable and encouraging information. I’ll definitely continue doing that as long as what I write will always help others. There is much information out here on the subject of Tinnitus, but through careful research, I feel I suggested the best relief possible on the market today. 

  26. It’s so frustrating when you want to have a good night’s sleep and you hear a constant ringing in your ears when everything else is completely silent. It’s frustrating, irritating and totally tiring resulting in fatigue and less calm sleep. It’s good to know that there are ways to treat that. Thanks for the informative article.

    1. I agree Sratos, that annoying ringing in the ear, can drive a sane person crazy. Not a recipe for a good night sleep. There’s always online help for tinnitus treatment. But whenever in doubt, especially anything dealing with your ‘ear’ health, issues should be addressed with your healthcare provider or an ENT specialist. 

  27. Hi, I have read your review about Ginkgo Max 26/7, I learned some important information about Natural Tinnitus Treatment for Relief From Ringing Ears, ringing ears is very annoying, I am very excited for hear from you about natural treatment for Relief From Ringing Ears. Thank you very much for sharing the information for Natural Tinnitus Treatment.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for dropping in. Tinnitus can be very annoying and should be treated accordingly. Natural tinnitus treatment from ringing ears is a treatment easily applied. You deserve a better night’s sleep, and a quieter and more productive life. Arches Tinnitus Formula® combines clinically proven natural herbal and mineral ingredients to reduce your tinnitus safely. Safely used by most suffers.

  28. Very valuable piece that is worth sharing a million times. When I was a teenager, I remember exposing my ears to lot of loud noise, perhaps that is what is responsible for the hearing loss I often experience. Ringing in the ear can be very uncomfortable and disturbing. how do I know? I have heard there; I have experienced tinnitus; I know how one feels. I would check these drugs on Amazon.

    1. Hey Tolu, thank you for sharing your experience. They’re more folks than ever suffering from this disease. Seems like the causes are always the same; careliness involving loud music and other things. Yes, uncomfortable to say the least! That’s why any individuals suffering from this should contact their local ENT specialist. Please share this with others.

  29. I listen to loud music on a regular basis mostly from my earpiece plugged into my ears. I am happy I don’t have this issue and pray I never do but it is nice to know that treatments like this exist for a just in case scenario. In fact, as I type this, It just occurred to me that the best thing to do now is actually prevention which is to stop listening to loud music so I don’t develop the problem in the first place.

    1. Yes Jay, loud music directly right into the ear will cause major damage over time. You hit the nail on the head, when you say prevention will solve any ear issues that should arise. You’d think a person would recognized the obvious and not burst ‘eardrum’ shattering music into the ear. You just have to use common sense!

  30. This is a great article about Tinnitus. I had that ringing ear  experience about 7 years ago, O mehn!!  it wasn’t funny and always very annoying, it seems mine was as a result of loud music, I really love to listen to music in detail that is I will want to here the violin, the piano, the strings and the bass note in any song. I was just healed miraculously because, that experience just stop, and since then I haven’t experienced it any more. And then, I new little about it, I never knew it was a sickness….

    1. Thank you BarryW for checking in with me. Yes my friend, I can just about imagine the pain you suffered. (Ouch!) Your very lucky that your tinnitus healed up on its own without requiring any medication. But unless properly diagnosed, maybe it wasn’t tinnitus, but some other type of ear infection. Just be careful my friend, and cut down on that loud music.  

  31. Thank you for such an informative post on Tinnitus and Vertigo, I finally know the difference between the two. I am fortunate that I do not suffer with any of those. I only get ears ringing during the flight, usually before we or after we land. I have a question. How does one know that one might be suffering from Tinnitus or Vertigo? Does ear ringing occur weekly or daily? I would love to know the first sign. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello my friend nuttance, and thank you for reading. To answer your question, most people suffering from from severe dizziness (vertigo), and a ringing in the ears (tinnitus), get a fullness or congestion in the ear. They will also experience hearing loss in the ear. Some people will have single attacks of dizziness separated by long periods of time.

  32. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.I never knew some infant suffer from tinnitus ,it’s annoying when an organ is became dead in human body. Thanks for the good write. Is the product for curing tinnitus a one time usage? I would love to share this post. 

    1. Thank you my friend for your compliment and for reading my post. I try to always provide helpful and informative info to my readers. Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears that could affect anyone, regardless of age. In regards to dosage use, all instructions for usage is printed on bottle and to be followed accordingly. Please share this with others.

  33. Hi there.

     Thank you for this informative article. Though I don’t have the experience of tinnitus and vertigos, I have really picked up huge information about them. My mum does complain about ringing ear. I didn’t see it as a sickness. But reading it came to me as a surprise after reading this. I will definitely order tinnitus essential for her because it offers more value than its money. Thank you for this info

    1. Kehinde, I’m sure your mom will find much relief after using any product for tinnitus, offered on my site. These products has helped many and will help her too. I try to post informative information that will help others around the world. Tinnitus affects 50 million people in the USA. It could be something just as simple as earwax buildup or age, that could bring on these ear issues. Was your mom exposed to very loud noises in the past?

  34. I must have got it wrong! I always believe ringing ear is normal occurrence die to sound pollution. This article has made me understand its not. Ringing ears a times leads to headache for me, and I usually think I have to leave a noise environment. 

    Am always afraid of putting things into my ears. But I will give Arches Tinnitus formula a trial.

    1. Olanike, ringing in the ears can be caused by a number of things. Some examples are; age, loud noise, change in ear structure, ear wax buildup, just to name a few. I really don’t know what your case would be until you go to an ENT specialist to make a determination of your problem. Try one of the products offered on my site for instant relief. It’s safe for your ears and very effective.

  35. I always love reading articles about health and also things that can help people improve their healthy life. A lot of people are suffering from ear problems without knowing that they can actually solve those problems. This article will really help a lot of people overcome so many ear problems and I also love the fact that you mentioned some medications too.

    1. Yes Linus. Good, solid, and well-constructed information is what I offer to my readers. Information that’s valuable to all families anywhere over the world. Most people who experience these symptoms of tinnitus, generally don’t know what it is and just try dealing with it. Going to an ENT specialist will determine the extent of the problem.

  36. Firstly, I would like to commend you for taking time out to research and put together such an informative article. This disease called vertigo or tinnitus is definitely not a good thing to wish for. I used to have a very close neighbor in the block some years ago whose kid had the vertigo disease and it wasn’t pleasant for the child. They most often use some drugs for it, but the changes were not evident till they left the neighborhood. Don’t know if the child is better now. Maybe things would have gotten better if they came across an article such as this. Thanks

    1. Hey Seyi, how’s it going? Thanks for commending my hard work and research put forward regarding this subject. A subject that is interesting to most. I see you lost touch with your neighbor and don’t know how their child is doing. I hope the child’s problem goes no further than just a simple ear infection. I agree with you, that if this post had been present then the families problems may have been solved,

  37. Thanks for writing this article on ear issue and how to properly treat it. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this article on ear issue. It so full of information and educative things to know about ear. Most especially on deaf kids issue and how to communicate and teach them 

    1. Thank you my friend for reading. Tinnitus affects many people worldwide. I try to post informative information that is valuable to the readers. Since so many folks have to deal with this on a regular basis, they would need all the information they could get. In regards to deaf children, their problem goes far beyond the issues of tinnitus.

  38. Yes Ringing Ears can be cured using the proper and right medication. A person with Tinnitus can also hear hissing, clicking and certain medications can cause or worsen Tinnitus. Although i have been hearing about this product, people have discovered it’s healing properties such as regenerating nerves and reducing inflammation. Can one use it for any other ear problems or just for ringing ears? It’s nice putting up for people to locate and purchase.

    1. Hi Destiny. Thanks for checking in. For most people who have experienced these symptoms, the clicking, whistling and wheezing sound in their ears, wonder what is going on and think it’s something that will go away on its own. They don’t do anything and go about their normal day, until this annoyance within their ear drives them to an ENT specialist. The products on my site are strictly for the relief of tinnitus. 

  39. Tinnitus is indeed a big problem among many of us. I also suffer from tinnitus, and I did some investigations. The doctor said that it’s normal for my age, but I doubt that there is not a single solution. Reading your article, I was glad to discover the natural treatment using GoodBye Tinnitus product.

    It’s sad when I know that there are so many people in need with so little interest to find a cure or s solution to help them.

    1. Yes Dany, I agree that it is a very big problem. 50 million people in the US suffers from this. Tinnitus symptoms isn’t always age related. It could be caused by a number of things. Your doctor or a good ENT specialist should be able to assist you further. I’m glad you found relief in a good tinnitus product.

  40. Thanks for the article – I’ve managed to pick up a lot of new information about tinnitus and vertigo (both sounds absolutely horrible!).

    I continually see adverts throughout daytime television (usually on the news channel) regarding children that suffer with deaf-blindness – it’s really encouraging that now to hear that from 1968 onward things have changed for them so much. 

    A really informative read, thank you for sharing such worthwhile information.

    1. Thank you Chris for checking in with me. It’s definitely a horrible thing that children’s hearing is effected through such things as tinnitus. As parents, we must monitor these issues closely and seek proper treatment when things start happening out of the ordinary, regarding the health of our children. Thank God for advancement in technology to combat any problems early on.

  41. Hey Ronald,

    I never knew ringing ears is a sickness, I thought it only occur due to environmental effects, boy I was wrong! It gets very annoying too halfway when you’re listening to music or when people talk because the ringing blocks everything. I have very sensitive ears though and I can;t use anything liquid, is there another alternative to the Goodbye Tittinus?

    1. Yes my friend, you must be careful around loud noises and loud music venues and arenas (especially if you’re into music concerts). To answer your question, check with an ENT specialist to see if there’s anything available. I’ve researched and didn’t locate anything. A medical professional will be able to assist you. 

  42. Very interesting article about a tinnitus cure and deaf-blindness. Tinnitus seems like it could be caused by many different factors. It could be caused by a nutritional deficiency. It could also be caused by physical damage to the ear (I had a coworker who had chronic tinnitus after she was in a car accident).
    Deaf-blindness has always been fascinating, especially how people deal with it. Just last week, I was watching a documentary about a woman who was deaf-blind and she communicated with people through sign language. When then spoke to her, she would touch their hands so that she could know what they were saying.

    1. Hello my friend. Yes I agree that tinnitus could be caused by more than one issue. It all depends on what that individual has experienced in their life. Proper treatment should be administered immediately bfore the problem gets worse. On the documentary youwatched, I wonder was it on Helen Keller? She was born deaf-blind, but prevailed during her time, as a very interesting woman that never let her disability get in her way.

  43. Great post! I had no idea that so many infants suffered from the rubella epidemic. It is so inspiring to know that children that are both deaf and blind can seek education at an early age. Keeping putting this knowledge out there so that everyone knows what is possible.

    Are there specific schools or special teachers needed for these children?

    1. Thanks for coming by Morgan. In todays society, a significant amount of help is available. Depending on where you live, that you’ll be able to determine what specialized schools are offered to you. These type of schools employ very educated, qualified and trained indivduals who knows how to handle disabled children. Contact your local directory in your city and state to further assist you.

  44. Wow, super informative article. Thanks! The idea of instant relief for vertigo sounds awfully good and possibly worth a try–particularly that it’s a natural remedy. As for the change in enrollment for deaf-blind students from the period 1968-1980, that’s SO encouraging to read. I’ll stop lamenting the situation many children found themselves in in earlier times. And I’ll rejoice in the good opportunities to learn and to thrive that are available today!

    1. Thanks for checking in my friend. Many folks world wide, suffers with vertigo. They don’t know what causes this irritating ringing and dizziness. This is really unnecessary suffering, whereas all they have to do to get instant relief through pills. Chronic tinnitus is a more serious form and can last up to six months. But a person should see an ENT in case there’s a more deeper medical issue. 

      In regards to deaf-blind students, children in earlier times had a tougher time than those in society today. Increased technology, along with better educated health care providers creates an atmosphere of better learning and understanding.

  45. Great article with a lot of really good information! There needs to be a lot more awareness out in the world for those who are blind, deaf, or deaf-blind. I have actually noticed ringing in my ears over the past year. I attribute it mostly to the fact that I work on the phone a lot. Again, great information!

    1. Hi Shay. Nice hearing from you. Glad you enjoyed my article. I agree with you 100% regarding increased awareness on particular health issues. Ringing of the ears affect many folks world wide. Most don’t even know what is going on or why this is even happening. Only a professional ENT can determine the extent of the problem.    

  46. I would like to thank you for the great information you provided .Actually I was , sometimes , hear some ringing in my ear , I did not know why until I read your article .
    An other point it provided great information and help for teaching a deaf and blind children.

    1. Hi Sam. Thanks for commenting on my article. I try to put forth the best quality and informative material I could provide for my readers. Paying attention to ones ear and hearing health, is of the up-most important things you can do for yourself and family. Some minor health issues to many folks go ignored, thinking that It’ll ‘pass.’ But in reality, will only get worse if left untreated. This is why regular check ups with your family physician is so important.

      In regards to you ‘ringing in the ear’ issue, I recommend you to go here for some temporary relief. This is safe, reliable and used by thousands:

      Thank you again for commenting, Sam. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

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