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I’m Ronald J. Kennedy from Chicago, IL and I’ve been living here in the ‘windy city’ all my life. (As of May 1st, 2018, moved to Southern California. Very nice here).

Late wife Cathy and I at graduation dinner in May, 2000

Retired Feb 5, 2016 and a widower. (wife Cathy died July 10, 2015). I earned my associates degree at Malcolm X college in May 2000.

My main interest then was to become a funeral director/embalmer because I enjoy assisting other families in their time of need.

I also studied sociology, social psychology and hearing disabilities among children & adults. In general, ‘Hearing Loss in America’ was a subject I focused on and took very seriously.

After college, I took on a position with the Chicago Area Autopsy Service as a pathologist assistant, determining causes of death, including HIV, Hepatitis C and ‘Mad Cow’ disease.

Earned my Associates Degree & celebrating graduation ceremony with one of my daughters.

In regards to hearing disabilities in general, it’s reported that 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, and 32 million of these are children.

Infants born with a hearing impairment or completely deaf is every parent’s nightmare!

This is why I became very interested in hearing disabilities in America, especially children. I wanted to bring this data to the forefront by making people aware of these statistics.

My stepdad, co-workers and other family members also experienced hearing loss. I felt bad that my mom didn’t respond to my dad’s situation, by having his ears checked sooner.

I’ve known people whose children were born deaf, but with one parent having normal hearing.

Through education, parents can now be better equipped to handle these types of crises. New material for kids and special training has now been developed for the hearing impaired. I was also greatly surprised over how this illness affects many families world-wide!

Over the years, I realized this is a growing problem around the globe! I’ve discovered, as I make contact with people over the years, everyone knows an individual or some family that is affected with some form of hearing loss.  It makes me feel sad when a young child’s hearing makes him or her oblivious to the world around them.

Now through today’s technology and specialty products offered, there’s some type of hope for babies & toddlers. The world is always changing for the better.

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14 Replies to “About Ron”

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Ronald. It’s so nice to learn about you. I have been enjoying the content on your site, but it hasn’t been until today that I came across your about page. The hearing disabilities topic is a very interesting one for me too. And I have been learning how much the life of an individual can be improved with some assistance.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Ann for checking in with me and enjoying my work. It’s surprising how many families around the globe is affected by this. (More than I would imagine.) This Is why I write & post helpful information that’s valuable to others.  

  2. Queen says:

    Hi Ronald, you have a very good life, Your talents are a bunch and is a good thing you have used it to help humanity.

    You are a great star been able to multiple yourself in two (and more) I mean in your daughters having them run with you dream.
    I am sure there will not be a dull moment with you.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Queen for commenting. Yes, God is Good. Family good. Whatever I do, whenever I do it, it’s always to help others succeed. But more importantly, keeping the faith along with having good health is the ‘Key’ to opening the door to a satisfying life. Again, thanks for dropping by.

  3. Jerry says:

    Hi Ronald, your page reads like the introduction to a very good book. You are a man of many talents and no problems of using them in many ways. To pick up this problem for children and try to do something about it, is very unselfish and deserves praise.
    I still am a big fan of the Temptations and a comparison to them is a nice compliment for your band. Cheers, Jerry

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Jerry. Thanks for checking in. God has been good to me. But above it all, I’m so thankful to have been in good health over the years, to enjoy doing all the things I loved back then. It’s also a good feeling to talk to another Temptation fan (my favorite group of the 60’s).Yes-we had it going on back in the day.

  4. Ronald Kennedy says:

    Thanks for commenting on my page. Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of interesting stuff (and I still left a couple out). Being happy in life is what it’s all about! As far as communication goes with babies and toddlers, these little guys are smarter than you’d think. I have a whole page that shows how babies learn sign. If you go back and pull that page up, you’ll read some incredible things. Please share the page with others. Thanks again

  5. Andrew says:

    Looks like you really enjoy exploring the world you like. The art, music and the sign languages. It feels good when we are doing things that we love and feel passionate about. I’m still finding the things I will be passionate of, maybe be it will take a little while. But it’s always fun to try.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I hear ya, Andrew. There’s nothing like going through life each day doing the things we love. Deep inside, I figure we all have some type of talent deep within. We just have to bring it up to the surface. You’ll find yours too, I’m sure. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Kathryn Whelbourn says:

    Looks like you are going into something you love. Enjoy teaching people about it. It will be a fun journey 🙂

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      You know it, Kathryn. Nothing on this earth beats doing what you love. You find a lot of people having great talent doing many things. Regardless if it’s sports, teaching, music, entertainment, art, etc; you have to put your best foot forward in order to accomplish greatness in your chosen field.

  7. Ronald Kennedy says:

    Yes Christina, like I mentioned earlier on my website, babies & toddlers are smarter than we think they are. We can only wonder as concerned parents how they, even before birth, develop and display these amazing and fantastic skills. Only God knows! He is the Creator. Couples that unfortunately have to deal with hearing impaired children, has to arm themselves with the tools and additional information to help better assist them managing the situation.

  8. Blame says:

    It seems like art is meant to be your lifelong talent and career. I used to have some friends back in school that can really draw well. Personally, I can never do it. With enough practice I can barely draw a face. It’s a very ugly face too.

    I wish effort counts, but for my case, a lot of efforts are necessary. Unlike me, you have talent and you helped your disabled children become doctors. There’s no better honor than that. Cheers to you.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Sometimes I don’t know which one I loved most back in the day, my art or music. Both still rate right up there. As far as my own children’s health is concerned, Thank God they all came out healthy and eased my mind in that area. My 2 older daughter’s both work in hospital’s along with other medical professionals, but not quite MD’s themselves. As you mentioned that would be a great honor. Thank you.


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