How Do Bacteria And Allergies Affect Children Families – What We Should Do Over Respiratory Issues?

Respiratory causes does not discriminate. How Airborne Bacteria Can Be Dealt With. My family clearly understood that reducing the level of airborne allergens in our home could be an important part of reducing respiratory issues which could affect us children. Preventing recurring ear aches was […]


Parents And Deaf Children | Techniques That Foster Changes In Behavior.

 PARENTS ENCOURAGEMENT AND POSITIVE RE-FRAMING. Encouragement and positive re-framing focus on your youngster’s strengths and positive intentions. By demonstrating an unconditional belief in your youngster, you lay the foundation for an “I can do!” attitude (confidence), enthusiasm and motivation for personal growth. You offer encouragement by […]


How To Integrate Deaf Culture In Your Family | What You Must Do.

INITIATE ACTION. Hearing parents of non-hearing children and non-hearing adults in the deaf community attending special outdoor events, often do not have opportunities to become acquainted with each other. Hearing parents with deaf children, usually remain unaware of this society and community events, and hearing impaired […]

How Families Unite | Deaf And Hearing Family Members Coming Together.

UNITY. What is meant by the term unity? Unity implies harmony among parts to form a whole – the condition of many, becoming one. Family togetherness requires that each member of the family contribute to the family whole. Parents, as the heads of the family, are indeed […]


Hearing Loss A Disability | Confirming Through Evaluations.

MUST TAKE NOTICE. Any individual should know that a child or adult would be labeled disable, if they suffered with severe deafness. It don’t necessarily have to be loss of limb or some form of a mental condition that hinders one from functioning day-by-day in […]


Raising a Hearing Impaired Child | What You Need To Know.

THE TASK AT HAND. Giving advice on child-rearing is easy, and there is no shortage of experts. Advice is usually based, however, upon several wrong assumptions; that these techniques can be taught, and that teaching the techniques to parents will be beneficial to their children. […]


Feeling Good And Valuable | Finding A Way To Managing Moods.

MOODINESS. There are many behavior changes a child may experience as he or she goes through life. These are behavior issues related to feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, and irritability. They can become problematic when a child is unable to control or appropriately express them. […]

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